The third modern railway welding machine, manufactured by Contrail Machinery, was delivered to the National Railway Company CFR SA.

„CFR’s third flash-butt welding truck supplied by the team Hiarom – Contrail. Welding, welding, welding!” wrote Cătălin Dragomir, the founder of Hiarom Invest, on his Linkedin account. Contrail Machinery S.R.L. is a company specialized in the design and manufacture of Rail Flash-Butt Welding Machines.

The company has provided welding machines for important railway construction projects in different parts of the world, including: Saudi Arabia, India, Qatar, Romania, Russia, USA, Thailand, Turkey. In addition to supplying welding machines, the company offers a wide range of products and services in this field, including various types of machines and equipment, tools and consumables, technical support, training, etc., so that it is able to provide complete solutions for the electric welding business.

Contrail Machinery combines the experience of railway industry professionals (with over 25 years of experience in this field) with the dynamism and ambition of young engineers.

Contrail Machinery SRL products

As already mentioned, Contrail Machinery offers a wide range of equipment for welding railways:

  • FBW equipment kit – for electric welding of rails in stationary mode.
  • Flash-butt Welding Container – this is a fully self-contained welding machine configuration that has the advantage of being easily moved from one location to another; it can also be used as a mobile trolley that is loaded onto a platform lorry or rail vehicle.
  • Waggon-mounted welding machine – This is a mobile welding machine configuration that can move from one welding site to another or from one location to another, pulled by a rail vehicle.
  • On request, Contrail can design and manufacture a wide variety of products with special features in order to meet the customer’s requirements.

Contrail Machinery Services

At the same time, our specialists are available to assist their customers with specialized services such as:

For additional information about a potential collaboration, do not hesitate to contact us. We also invite you to keep an eye on our blog for other exciting news in the field.