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Rail Welding Machine Refurbish and Upgrade services

Do you need rail welding machine refurbish or upgrade services? Has it been a while since you purchased a flash-butt welding machine and the performance and functionality of the equipment no longer fits the current requirements of your projects? Contrail Machinery comes to your rescue, performing complete overhauls and upgrades of old flash-butt welding machines at the request of the customer, changing or adding new functionalities.

After the rail welding machine refurbish services, the resulting system comes very close to the performance of a new equipment, bringing it in line with the latest technologies. The Contrail Machinery team will take care of all the necessary upgrades to ensure that your flash- butt welding machine meets the standards you require.

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Why is it worth upgrading your FBW machine?

A complete FBW machine overhaul improves the equipment with updated features, replaces the main parts with more efficient ones, and improves the functionalities according to the most innovative and efficient technologies.

In other words, rail welding machine refurbish services bring the following benefits:

  • improved overall performance;
  • better accuracy of the works ( in accordance with the welding standards);
  • versatility and increased mobility.

Would you also like to use these advantages for your project? Get in touch with our specialists!

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