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Rail welding equipment, type CR65

The rail welding equipment type CR65 (the CR65 welding head), part of Contrail Machinery’s portfolio, is a high-performance machinery designed for flash-butt welding by pulse flashing of rails with cross-section area from 5.000 mm2 up to 10.000 mm2.

The rail welding equipment type CR65 comes in a wide variety of configurations: FBW Equipment kits, FBW containers and FBW mobile machines

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Why choose the CR65 welding head?

The compact and simple design makes the flash-butt welding equipment kit, type CR65 extremely easy to operate and maintain.

In addition to the standard rail, the CR65 head can be used in welding grooved rails and crane rails (electrodes and shearing dies will be designed accordingly).

Advantages of the CR65 Welding Head

The rail welding equipment, type CR65 is very light, weighing only 3 tons and develops an upsetting force of 65 metric tons.

The welding head jaws are optimized and tested to withstand long-term fatigue, the new design offers a firm clamping capability and a solid structure of the whole mechanism.

The alignment of the 2 outer vertical reference blocks is easily done by a mechanical adjustment system, ensuring a precise movement up or down.

With the new type of electrode, the flash-butt welding equipment kit, type CR65 can weld rails with different profiles only by changing the contact pads (inserts). With a single type of electrode block, up to 3 types of rails can be welded.

Main specifications

Rated main voltage 400/480 V
Mains frequency 50/60 Hz
Maximum secondary current 48 kA
Power at DC = 50%: 240 kVA
Working hydraulic pressure 150 bar
Rated upsetting force: 650 kN
Rated clamping force 1500 kN
Upsetting Cylinder Stroke 80 mm
Welding head weight 2900 kg
Rail lengths min. 0.8 m – max. 500 m
Rail profiles standard Vignole 40-75 kg/m
Rail sections up to 10.000 mm2
Welding grooved rail YES
Material identification R260, R260Mn, R350HT
Welding cycle duration 90-160 seconds
Production capacity Up to 15 welds/h 
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