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Mobile rail welding machine

Are you looking for a powerful and flexible welding solution for your rail construction project? The mobile rail welding machine is the perfect option for you, as this configuration meets the requirements on almost all rail construction sites! 

Contrail Machinery provides a wide range of configurations of mobile FBW machines, so together we can find the one that meets all the needs and specifics of your project. Superior welding quality, performance, durability and flexibility of our solutions are guaranteed!

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The configuration of a mobile rail welding machine

A mobile rail welding machine includes the containerized welding machine fitted onto a truck-based rail-road vehicle which is moved from one welding position to another. The independent welding container is mounted on the railroad truck as needed with the help of twist locks. The rail-road truck can transport the welding container both by rail and by road, for rail mode being equipped with a hydrostatic transmission for rail operation.

When there is no welding activity, a platform can be attached to the truck (which can be supplied as an option on request) so that the railroad truck is used to transport materials.

Main specifications

Length  11720 mm
Width  2550 mm
Height in road mode  3640 mm
Height in rail mode  3910 mm
Total permissible weight  35000 kg
Own weight of the truck (without FBW container) 16500 kg
Minimum radius of horizontal curve  90 m 
Maximum cant  150 mm 
Track gauge 1435 mm
Maximum slope with max speed  4 % 
Maximum slope at reduced speed and dry rail  7 % 
Max speed on road (electronically limited)  90 km/h 
Max speed on rail, FWD, straight alignment and canted track  25 km/h 
Max speed on rail, REV, straight alignment and canted track 25 km/h
Max speed on rail when passing turnouts or crossing  15 km/h 
Max speed on rail with remote control 5 km/h
Max speed when towed  15 km/h

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At Contrail Machinery we offer a wide variety of products and services in the field of railroad construction. Present on the market since 2010, we managed to develop a complete portfolio of solutions for railroad construction projects and we offer a variety of rail welding equipment, including: Flash-Butt Welding Machines (stationary and mobile rail welding machines), Rail Bend Testing Press and other specialized equipment, as well as assistance services for the entire range of machinery.

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