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Rail welding container
Rail welding container
Rail Welding Container

Are you looking for rail welding equipment that is suitable for both stationary use and mobile? Then a rail welding container is exactly what you need for your project!

The FBW container is based on a chassis equipped with 4 standard corner fittings for twist locks like standard shipping containers. The equipment structure is modular, with all components protected by an aluminum weatherproof body.

This configuration offers the possibility of transporting the welding container on a truck equipped with a high rail system, on a flat wagon or on any self-propelled platform. It is also often used as a semi-stationary workstation near the construction site for the preparation of long welded rails.

Advantages of a FBW Container

This concept of welding equipment provides independence and mobility. Depending on the conditions of the projects in which it is involved, the rail welding container can be used as a stationary unit or mobile carried on a platform wagon or with a railroad truck.

Also, welding in the tunnel becomes easy with the FBW container, without interfering with installed 3rd rail (power rail), and it is compatible with most of the tunnel dimensions.

Optimize your welding operations with our specially designed FBW Containers, providing secure storage and easy transport for your welding equipment! For more details about the rail welding container solution, do not hesitate to contact us!

The components of the FBW Container

The standard containerized configuration provided by Contrail Machinery consists of:

  • Welding Head;
  • Control and Power Cabinet;
  • Welding Process Control system (WPC);
  • Hydraulic Power Unit;
  • Cooling Unit;
  • Crane for positioning the welding head;
  • Diesel generating set;
  • All the equipment is housed in one weatherproof container.

This setup ensures a comprehensive and efficient solution, tailored to meet a variety of project needs. Each component is carefully selected for its quality and performance, providing an integrated, ready-to-use system.

Any other customized configurations can be also developed on request. For additional information, get in touch with our specialists!

Main specifications

Configuration FBW Container CR65 FBW Container CR100 FBW Container CR100P
Welding Head type CR65 CR100 CR100
Crane capacity 5 ton 5 ton 8 ton
Closure Puller included NO NO YES
Container size LxWxH 6075x2550x2550mm 7075x2550x2550mm 8075x2550x2650
Container weight 15800 kg 16800 kg 19000 kg
Rail welding container
Rail welding container
Rail welding container