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On-Site Servicing & Troubleshooting

Have you purchased a piece of equipment manufactured by Contrail Machinery and are you facing certain technical deficiencies? Our team is ready to help you by providing specialized support through on-site service and troubleshooting.

Our interventions are quick and the repairs meet the highest standards of professionalism, so in the end the equipment is fully restored to its original condition. 

Do you have an emergency? Contact us now!

What do these services include?

The on-site service and troubleshooting Contrail Machinery provides rapid intervention on all of the equipment and machinery we manufacture that experiences technical malfunctions. Whether you have purchased Flash-Butt Welding Machines, a Rail Bend Testing Press or any other specialized equipment, you can always call on our help!

A Contrail Machinery specialist will go to the site of your project, analyze the condition of the equipment, diagnose the problem, and perform the repair on the spot, if possible.


If the problems found are due to parts that are in an advanced state of deterioration, we recommend their immediate replacement. We promptly supply spare parts for all the machines manufactured by us, but we also have the possibility to design suitable spare parts for other machines. 

If the equipment or machinery is in an advanced condition of deterioration, but the work on the site cannot be stopped until the repairs are completed, we offer you the possibility of renting another piece of equipment from Contrail Machinery.

Currently, we provide Flash-Butt Welding Machine Rental services.

Do you have further questions about on-site service and troubleshooting? Do not hesitate to get in touch with our specialists!

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