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rail welding machine rental
rail welding machine rental
Rail Welding Machine Rental

Try the services of rail welding machine rental and do not compromise on the efficiency and accuracy of your work! The Contrail Machinery team is dedicated to meeting your needs with FBW rental services.

When you choose our services, you will have access to the most advanced and efficient welding technology – flash butt welding, performed by high-performance machines. All FWB machines in our portfolio are manufactured exclusively within the company by engineers and consultants with extensive experience in this field.

Interested in renting a FBW machine? Explore our flexible rental options for rail welding machines, offering a cost-effective solution to meet your project’s temporary needs! Contact us now!

Why should you choose Rail Welding Machine Rental services?

There are many situations when it may be necessary to rent an FBW, whether for a short or long period of time. The most common reasons why it is worth renting such equipment are:

  • the desire to enjoy the performance of a state-of-the-art machine at a much lower price compared to the purchase;
  • the need to use the equipment on site while your FBW machine is under repair;
  • the need to use the equipment on site while waiting for the production of a spare part for your current machine;
  • the need to cover the waiting time until your new ordered welding machine is being manufactured and delivered.
  • the opportunity to test and evaluate the latest machinery before committing to a purchase, ensuring it meets your project’s specific requirements;
  • the flexibility to scale operations up or down based on project demands without the long-term financial commitment of purchasing equipment.

All the welding machines are rented with operators from Contrail, which will make jobs on site easier.For details and offers, do not hesitate to contact us!

rail welding machine rental
rail welding machine rental
rail welding machine rental