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Flash-Butt Welding Machines

Contrail Machinery offers you a wide range of flash-butt welding machines, manufactured to the highest quality standards and adapted to the needs and specificities of each project.

Our team has extensive experience in the field of rail construction equipment, being particularly known for its extensive expertise in the design and manufacture of Rail Flash-Butt Welding Machines. The machines developed entirely within the company combine the latest and most innovative solutions with traditional technologies that have stood the test of time.

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Why choose a flash-but welder?

Flash-butt welding is an electric resistance welding process for joining components in which the energy transfer is mainly due to the resistance heat of the parts themselves. Currently, rail flash-butt welding is considered to be the most advanced and highest quality rail welding technology and therefore offers a variety of benefits for your project:

  • The rail flash-butt welding process has high efficiency and productivity, the failure rate being very low.;
  • The surface to be welded does not need to be prepared before the process;
  • The rail flash-butt welding process is fully automated, consistent and easy on your project budget;
  • Flash-butt welding machines are capable of lower Heated Affected Zone (HAZ) welding parameters being easy to adapt for welding different rail materials;
  • The rail flash-butt welding technique offers a joint as good as parent material;
  • Flash-butt welding machines are available in different configurations, so that you can benefit from versatile and flexible solutions.

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Flash-Butt Welding Machines available at Contrail Machinery

Contrail Machinery’s portfolio includes the CR65 flash butt welder, an equipment designed for flash-butt welding of rails in continuous flash and pulse processes with cross-sectional areas of 5.000 mm² to 10.000 mm².

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We provide the CR100 welding system, designed for flash-butt welding of rails in continuous flash and pulse processes with cross-sectional areas of 5.000 mm² to 12.000 mm².

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Our team provides you with the Closure Rail Puller type CRP160, a hydraulic device that can provide a pulling force of up to 140 tons for pre-tensioning the Long Welded Rail in order to be fixed at the neutral temperature. Closure Rail Puller type CRP160 works in tandem with CR100 welding head in order to achieve closure welds.

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Contrail Machinery designs and supplies complete FBW equipment kits, available in both stationary and mobile configurations.

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We provide FBW containers in various configurations, both standard and customized according to customer needs and requirements.

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Suitable for almost all railroad construction projects due to its mobility and versatility, the flash-butt welding mobile machines provided by Contrail Machinery include a containerized flash butt welder attached to a truck-based rail-road vehicle.

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Discover Contrail Machinery’s complete solutions!

Although Contrail Machinery is primarily known for its experience and expertise in the manufacture of Flash-Butt Welding Machines, the company has developed an extensive portfolio of rail-related products and services, including equipment for track construction.

Our products, manufactured exclusively in our company, include Flash-Butt Welding Machines, Rail Bend Testing Press and other specialized equipment. At the same time, we come to the aid of our clients with dedicated assistance services, such as On-Site Servicing & Troubleshooting, Refurbishments And Upgrades, Training & Technical Assistance, Spare Parts and FBW Machine Rental.

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