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Rail Bend Testing Press
Rail Bend Testing Press
Rail Bend Testing Press
Rail Bend Testing Press

Would you like to check the accuracy of your welding? At Contrail Machinery, we offer a high-precision Rail Bend Testing Press that tests the welded rail according to the existing norms and generates detailed and comprehensive reports based on the recorded information. The Rail Bend Testing Press is essential for quality assurance, providing precise measurements and testing for rail durability and safety.

Thanks to our many years of experience in the manufacture of track construction equipment, our specialists have created a product portfolio of products that meets the highest performance standards. Therefore, the accuracy of the tests, but also the quality of the reports produced by our rail bend testing machine are guaranteed.

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Rail Bend Testing Press type RBT326

The Rail Bend Testing Machine type RBT326, designed and manufactured by our specialists, is a rail bend tester configurable for 3 points bending (EN) or to 4 points bending (AREMA). The rail bend tester model RBT326 has been designed to be compliant with the bend test procedures listed in EN 14587-1:2007; EN 14587-2:2009, EN14730-1:2010 and AREMA norms.

In addition to its compliance with multiple standards, the RBT326 offers exceptional precision and repeatability in bend testing, essential for ensuring rail integrity and safety. Its robust construction and user-friendly interface make it suitable for both experienced technicians and those new to rail testing. This versatility, combined with its capability for both laboratory and standalone use, makes the RBT326 an indispensable tool for comprehensive rail quality assessment.

How does a Rail Bend Testing Press work?

In the rail bend test, the rail is loaded centrally on the weld to be evaluated while the load and displacement are recorded. This loading continues until either a preset deflection or load criterion is reached, or until the rail sample is broken.

The application records and monitors data in real time during the bending process. The data is processed and displayed at high resolution in a graphical format and stored on storage media for further processing.

The following parameters are recorded and displayed:

  • the load acting on the rail;
  • the displacement caused by the deflection of the tested rail.

Upon completion of the bending test, a detailed report is stored and displayed indicating whether the test met the required parameters. All bending reports are stored in a secure location and are accessible for viewing or printing.

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Main specifications of the RBT326 Rail Bend Testing Press

Maximum force capacity 3194 kN (326 ton)
Maximum feed rate (low pressure) 6 mm/s
Adjustable loading rate 5-40 kN/s
Piston stroke 152 mm
Hydraulic working pressure  700 bar
Power supply  400V 50hz
Total power installed  2.2 kW
Dimensions (length x width x height) 1950 x 1050 x 1950 mm
Weight 2800 kg
Rail Bend Testing Press
Rail Bend Testing Press
Rail Bend Testing Press